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Study Tips

Midterms are here!  And that means studying and cramming!  And if you're like most students, you haven't studied much for your classes, which could be a problem.  So, what are some good tips for studying?


Everyone has their own ways of studying.  Some people study best by themselves in a quiet place.  Find a place that works for you; it may not be the library.  I don't study best by myself in the library.  I like studying in my room or in the laundry room (not joking; I…


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Thinking about college is not just for high school students

                Many high school Senior right now are waiting for the response from colleges that they apply for to see if they got accepted or not. Before they applied for to the schools of their choice they had to think about what they wanted to do and find a school that focused on the career they want to go for. As a middle school student you could start thinking about what you want to do and do some research. I know that many of middle schools don’t think about going to college but…


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My Introduction

Hi Zoomz users,

This is my first blog so I will be introducing myself before I get to my advice and stories. Hopefully by reading my story you could tell me yours.

 My name is Virginia Jimenez and I am a first generation college student. I come from a Latino family and was born in San Jose, California. I am a Santa Clara University student who is majoring in Biology. I am here to help you understand why college is important.  

Education is very important to me. The…


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How Bad Do You Want It?

If your looking for something inspiring, just click the link below. 



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Bad habits To Avoid

As I previously mentioned in my recent blog, I promise to give you guys my advices on some bad habits to avoid while in college. To start of the list, one thing you shouldn’t do while in college is to ditch class. Unlike middle school and high school, some college courses don’t require you to go to class. When I first knew about this, I took advantage of it. Instead of going to class, I hung out with my friends or stayed home. When midterms and finals came around though, I found myself…


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The Intro

Hey Zoomerz (A.K.A. future college students),

I’d like to start off by introducing myself: my name is Roberto Bugarin, and I am working through my last quarter at Foothill Community College as I get ready to transfer to San Jose State University if all goes according to plan. I am a first generation college student of Latino…


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Extracurricular Activities II: What can you gain from them?


Hello Zoomz community. My name is Yusuf Alam and I’m a student at San Jose State University, studying History, and one day I plan to become a high school teacher. Right now, I am an assistant coach for the football team at my old high school.  I’ll be continuing my blog post from last time on extracurricular activities (E.A.), along with a short story about my own…


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Hello ZOOMZ!

Hey zoomz community!

As this is my first blog I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and get myself out there!

My name is Kai Fujioka. I am a 5th year student at UC Santa Cruz studying Art and Education (and some mixture of the two). As one of the ALearn college mentors I am here to give some insight into the COLLEGE LIFE.. and anything else that seems relevant :P

I think that college can sometimes be a scary place to…


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        Believe it or not, sleep is hugely important in helping to keep you active and happy.  A good night's sleep is sometimes even the key to solving that stupid homework problem you were stuck on for three hours last night.  A regular sleep schedule will even help you stay more alert and focused and keep you healthier.  But, like almost everyone else in the world, there is not nearly enough time in the world to do everything and be able to sleep.  So, what do you do?



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Concerts at UC Davis

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I thought it be fun to talk about events and activities you can do while in college. I will write more about it later in a future blog. A recent event I attended at UC Davis was a concert,  "Tiesto's Club Life College Invasion Tour." Tiesto is one of my favorites artist/dj. He is known to the best electronic dj in the world and he did a tour for college students all over the U.S. Here's a picture of my ticket and videos I found on…


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College, It's for everyone, even you!

Hello everyone,

My name is Thompson Ly and I am from San Jose, California. I am proud to say I am the first person in my family to go to COLLEGE. Currently, I am a student-athlete at UC Davis and in my first blog; I will heavily convince you, COLLEGE IS FOR EVERYONE. I will also discuss how I got into COLLEGE. COLLEGE is a great place to further your education and meet great people. ANYONE CAN DO IT, so there are no reasons why you shouldn’t GO TO…


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Extracurricular Activities: Why do we need them?

    For some teenagers, the daily routine of getting up early for school and coming home and doing homework all night can get dull and boring. School becomes just a place where you spend a few hours before the final bell at the end of the day signals freedom. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking, “Man, four more years of this?”


    Why not try and shake up that routine with something fun? Why not make your school a place that you want to be, rather than a place that you…


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