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Reading: tips to help make it easier

As a student you’ll definitely have a lot of reading to do no matter what classes you take, and if you wait too long to get started it will pile up very quickly. But there are ways to make reading faster and easier.


It’s a bad idea to just dive into a textbook from page one without previewing the book first. If you’re not sure what the chapter is about and where it’s going, you can get lost and lose focus easily. Most books are usually divided up into chapters and placed in a…


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finals is the most stressful week ever, espcially when when you have all border line grades of rising up.

ALOT ALOT ALOT of studing.

Added by Karina on December 30, 2011 at 11:33pm — 1 Comment

Junior year in high school

You are probably excited to start your junior year because once you are done with this year you will only have a year until you graduate. So junior year should be a piece of cake you have been in high school for two years and you have made it so far. Like I said before make sure you meet your a-g requirements to graduate and to get into college if that’s your plan after graduation.  By now you should know if you pass the CAHSEE which is a math and English test that is taken your sophomore…


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Tips to make classes fun & interesting

     One really good way to make classes fun is to pick great teachers that fit your style. There are lots of professors that do a good job of teaching their subject, but some may have a style that fits better with you than others. History, for example, always seemed boring to me because it was presented as a bunch of names and dates. But in college I found a History professor with a great sense of humor who presented his lectures like a stand-up comedy routine. During his lectures he would…


Added by Yusuf Alam on December 29, 2011 at 4:05pm — 1 Comment

Roommates and Chores...

One thing that almost every group of roommates goes through is what to do about chores.  Whether you're in the dorms or in an apartment, you may have to compromise how you keep your room.  While I don't like leaving food wrappings all over the place, I do have a tendency to leave papers scattered everywhere on the floor.  And since most of my roommates have been a lot more organized than me, I almost always get teased for it.  But since I do it in my own space, they can't actually yell at me…


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The Do's and Don'ts of freshman year- part 1

Part 1 of the DO's and Don'ts of freshman year.

Your first year is going to be a year of experimentation and development. You want to make friends, find clubs, and look for a variety of extra curricular activities that you could be interested in because it may help shape the rest of…


Added by Kai Fujioka on December 20, 2011 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

Benefits from choosing your own classes

One of my favorite things about going to college is the opportunity to pick out the classes I needed to take. Unlike high school, all college students have the decision of choosing their class schedules and the professors/teachers they want to take the course with. Some of you can relate to me, but I often had one teacher in high school that was not teaching at their full ability. This frustrated me a lot because I did not learn and felt it was a waste of time.

When I started college,…


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Happy Holidays!

I want to wish everyone a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!  May you all have a spectacular time with friends and family, and may the new year bring you new and exciting prospects!

As the new year comes, many people participate in the idea of creating a New Year's Resolution.  People come up with many different ideas, from going to a gym every day, to posting something every day on Facebook, to being nicer to a sibling, to connecting with that estranged relative they…


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My sophomore year in high school

My sophomore year was not like everyone else the reason being that this is when I had my daughter. I found out I was pregnant when I was finishing my second semester of my freshmen year. Everything was the same until the summer came. I moved in with my boyfriend’s family because my family didn’t agree with my decision. So that summer I started the new school because how I had mention before I got an F in biology and a D in English so this is when I fix my biology grade. I think this helped…


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Dealing with Kids and Special Disabilities (A blog for future teachers and those interested in this field)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted up a blog in a while. I was very ill and dealing with finals. If anyone is wondering, I kicked butt!! =)

Anyways, a couple days ago, I finish up a class about dealing with kids and special disabilities. This class helped me a lot by identifying the types of disabilities that is out there. In this blog, I wanted to share some of my knowledge I learned with the future teachers out there. This information will benefit us alot because this is becoming part…


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My introduction!!

Well, I suppose that I have to introduce myself as well as my peers did!

My name is Montserrat (you can call me Montse) and I was born and

raised in the beautiful city Guadalajara, Mexico... that's right, the

hometown of the best soccer team in the world, CHIVAS!!

I moved to California one year ago after finishing college in Mexico.

I went to a German School all my life, which means that ALL my

subjects (the majority) were taught in…

Added by Montserrat Ayala on December 7, 2011 at 3:16pm — 1 Comment

Staying Healthy When You’re in College


Under Pressure...

When we’re under pressure with midterms and papers to write, the last thing many of us college students think about is getting some exercise. Instead, we try to save as much time as possible, eating fast food and drinking coffee, soda, and sugary energy drinks to keep us awake at night. It may feel like you’re saving time in the short term, but in reality you’re damaging your…


Added by Yusuf Alam on December 5, 2011 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

Sophomore Year in High School

As a sophomore things should be easier because you already went through your first year and have at least a couple of friends that are there to help you. So all you have to worry about now is that you are meeting the A-G requirements to graduate and to get into college. Don’t forget that you need a C or higher. Another thing you could to do to get ready for college is take AP classes which you could get college and high school credit for.


So what A-G requirements are classes…


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